Cycling in Fredericksburg, Texas – Willkommen Y’all!

“Willkommen, Y’all”


Founded in 1846 by German immigrants who bought millions of gorgeous, rolling acres sight unseen, Fredericksburg, Texas has blossomed into a cultural destination best known for wine, art, shopping, and German cuisine. It maintains a definite quaintness with less than 12,000 residents but offers up an extraordinary spread of restaurants, galleries, spas, shops, wineries, and museums with a distinctly German flavor. Nestled deep in the heart of Texas’s Hill Country, this hamlet just might be a perfect home base for your next cycling adventure—with over 300 bed-and-breakfasts and plenty to do, you’ll definitely want to stay the weekend!


Options for extracurricular activities abound, especially this time of year. Fredericksburg’s German heritage is on full display in winter with an ice skating rink and artisan market. Year-round attractions are also plentiful and run the gamut from outdoorsy (bird and butterfly watching, golfing, hiking and camping in nearby state parks), to indulgent (carriage rides, spa experiences, excellent wining and dining), to educational (museums, unique architecture, German culture). And time it right in the spring, and you’ll be rewarded with spectacular Texas wildflowers.
credit Steve Rawls

This part of the Lone Star State is dotted with award-winning wineries—a great opportunity to sample a variety of local vintages, particularly for a little relaxation after the holidays. Three venues located right in town are Grape Creek Vineyards on Main, Fredericksburg Winery, and Pontotoc Vineyard Weingarten, but you’ll find a multitude of others in the surrounding hills.
Credit Blake Mistich

Any type of sustenance you’re craving can be found in an assortment of local eateries; for example, the Auslander Restaurant and Biergarten offers authentic German fare and a large array of Texas beers, while the Farm Haus Bistro at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm serves up a fresh, seasonal menu in their gorgeous gardens or inside the beautiful dining rooms. And if you’re craving barbecue, this proud Texas burg has five options, including Hoegemeyer’s BBQ Barn and Cranky Frank’s.
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Other unique opportunities include volksmarching, an organized, noncompetitive walk through town and countryside, a tradition that originated in Germany. Fredericksburg hosts a local walking club that has three established routes in town. You’ll also find a replica of an original nineteenth-century German church that stood here, the Vereins Kirche. But before you explore by foot, here are some of our cycling favorite local two-wheeled adventures.
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Five Fredericksburg Faves

1. Espresso is a 24-mile lollipop that includes the popular Old Mason Road as a long stretch of the out-and-back. This ride climbs 1,100 feet overall, but the grades are mild and the Promised Land Loop at the midpoint offers a fun, twisty intermission. Keep in mind that there are no refueling options outside of Fredericksburg on this course.

Espresso Route2. Bike Camp is a local favorite and the perfect training ride: it has an ideal profile for intervals, clear meet-up points for group rides, and an exhilarating climb to the finish. It extends the Espresso route and tacks on some challenging terrain, including Mt. Crabapple at the 25-mile mark. This loop offers some spectacular scenery, rewarding you generously after the gypsum mine and Mt. Crabapple climbs and highlighted by gorgeous views of the Pedernales River Valley. This ride also has no refueling options outside of Fredericksburg, so come prepared.

Bike Camp Route3. The 55-mile Willow City Loop makes a strong case for the perfect Hill Country ride, a hilly circuit that offers a stunning array of wildflowers, limestone formations, creeks, and vistas. In mid- to late Spring the Texas bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes will be out, and fuschia and yellow cactus bloom if you time it right. The loop takes you up five notable climbs, including the Willow City Ledge, a quad-busting incline that hits aggressively at first, then allows a reprieve before taking a few more punches as you approach Willow City. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some wildlife from the route: tortoise, turkey, and fox are common, along with numerous cattle herds. On the outskirts of Willow City, be on the lookout for a unique fence line displaying some special Texas charm. This quaint town (population: 75) is home to “Harry’s on the Loop,” a favorite stop for post-ride barbecue. Take heed: during wildflower season this route is popular with motorists who are often pulled over, making for some treacherous passes on the shoulder-less road.

Willow City Loop4. Another big outing is Fredericksburg-Kerrville-Fredericksburg, a 73-mile loop from Fredericksburg to the big city of Kerrville that includes some remote scenery, lovely county roads, and the infamous Guadernales Ledge. You’ll appreciate little cycling traffic early in the ride as you head southwest on small county routes toward the first climb—a moderate, enjoyable challenge on Zenner-Ahrens Road. Be sure to remain alert as you enjoy the steep descent, as it ends abruptly at a highly-trafficked T-intersection in Kerrville. The riding in town is a mellow and pleasant traverse along Town Creek and through a few lovely neighborhoods—a remarkably pleasant urban riding experience. The Tower Peak climb gets you back into the groove before you cross under I-10 and mentally prepare for the ten-mile HC incline up Guadernales Ledge. The welcome descent into the Pedernales River Basin leads you back toward Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg Kerrville Fredericksburg5. One of the longest routes in the area is the FGB 103, which starts in Fredericksburg and winds 103 miles through the Hill Country, dipping into four towns along the loop: Luckenbach, Sistervale, Waring, and Comfort. The other communities present minimal refueling options, but Comfort offers plentiful resources before a long home stretch just shy of 27 miles. You’ll pass by the Old Tunnel Bat Cave around mile 39 (show up at dusk to watch their dramatic emergence) and encounter five high-profile climbs, including the brutal Guadernales Ledge at mile 72.5.

FBG 103


For more information about the Fredericksburg area, visit their Visitor Information Center website or call the Visitor Center at (888) 997-3600 or (830) 997-6523.
Credit Steve Rawls

We would like to credit Gregory Kagay for the amazingly detailed ride descriptions, turn-by-turn directions, and parking information that each of the ride titles links to.

The Best Exercises for Preventing Pain on the Bicycle

The Best Exercises for Preventing Pain on the Bicycle

It’s the rare cyclist who hasn’t had the odd ache or pain while on the bike. The difference between an occasional sore spot and a nagging injury can be your willingness to do some behind-the-scenes work for your body.

According to research that has delved into bicycling overuse injuries, riders’ top sore spots are:

  1. the lower back
  2. the knees
  3. and the neck.

We’re talking here about repetitive use symptoms (not acute injuries like broken bones or road rash) of the musculoskeletal variety (saddle sores can be a topic for another time).

Bike fit, gearing choice, and riding volume are all external variables that play into overuse injuries and are each worthy of investigation. A poorly fitting bike is the largest contributor to chronic pain in cyclists but can easily be avoided by seeking out a qualified professional before you start logging big miles. Internal factors include strength, neuromuscular control, and mobility–things you can modify with specific training like the following exercises.


  • Lateral band walks target your gluteus medius and minimus, muscles that support your pelvis during weight-bearing activities like walking, running, and jumping. Because cycling is a sport that restricts your body to movement in the sagittal plane (forward and backward), lateral muscles like the ones in your outer hips can get neglected. This muscle group also contributes to your ability to maintain alignment of your hip, knee, and foot during the pedal stroke.

  • Single-leg bridges require your deep core muscles, including the transverse abdominis, to stabilize your pelvis while the glutes extend your hip. The gluteus maximus, in particular, contributes to your power during the top of the pedal stroke and does much of the work during this exercise.

  • Superman exercises offer an opportunity to build the endurance of your back extensors, which you need to maintain an optimal position of your spine while riding. Many people experience lower back pain as their extensors fatigue and fail to support a neutral spine position.

  • Planks are a simple way to train shoulder and trunk stability. Muscles like the serratus anterior must stabilize your scapula as your arms absorb road vibration and support your upper body.

  • Foam roll pec stretches allow your pectorals to lengthen, reversing the on-bike position of forward shoulders and flexed upper back. Your neck also has a chance to relax out of its hyperextended position and settle back in line with your shoulders.

  • Hip flexor stretches: active (kneeling lunge) or passive (Thomas stretch) open up your anterior hip and combat tightness that can contribute to lower back pain. The psoas and rectus femoris are lengthened during these stretches.

Do your future self a favor and make time for these exercises–support the body that supports you getting out there on the bike!


Please take note: these exercises are suggested for the healthy cyclist interested in preventing common overuse injuries. If you are experiencing pain, seek out a qualified medical professional for specific advice and treatment.

Author: Marin Campbell, PT, DPT


Weekend Ride Round-Up – 11/09 – 11/11

We have seven cool events happening this weekend, so if you’re up to riding this week choose one of these amazing rides:

Saturday, November 10th:

Rock N Ride music fest – Cleveland, TX

Rock N Ride music fest, in Cleveland, TX. Nov 11, 2018, put on by the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, routes up to 100 km.

Hungry 100K Bike Rally – Burleson, TX

Join us for a road bike rally over the best roads in North Texas. Riders will start in old town Burleson and head out to the rolling terrain in rural Johnson County. 100% of the proceeds will go to local charities to improve the lives of those less fortunate through Harvest House.

Honor Ride Houston – Wallis, TX

The Honor Ride is a non-competitive cycling event where active service members, injured veterans, first responders and the general public all get to ride together.

UHCCF Mission Ride – San Antonio, TX

Join us—as a sponsor or a rider —at the Inaugural UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) Mission Ride in San Antonio, TX and help us reach our goal to award 20,000 medical grants to children and families in 2020.

Sumo 50 Charity Ride – Austin, TX

On November 10th, 2018, 50 people will do a 50-mile bike ride for charity. They will be doing the ride together as a Sumo family in Austin, TX. All the money raised will go towards buying laptops for kids who can’t afford them.

HONEY FOUNDATION Bike a thon – Beaumont, TX

5th ANNUAL Bike-a-Thon. Caring, Sharing & Understanding the needs of financial help. CANCER RELIEF FUND.

Tour Das Hugel – Austin, TX

What the hell is Tour Das Hugel? A ride to Hell and back. Does anyone have a roadmap to hell or a Garmin file? Das Hugel is at least 110 miles of Austin’s most brutal hills. (Some swear it’s up to 113 miles and climbing varies from 10k-13k, but who is counting?)


That’s it for this week! Have fun riding this weekend and if we’re missing some rides in our calendar feel free to tell us!

Weekend Ride Round-Up – 11/02 – 11/04

We have eight cool events happening this weekend, so if you’re up to riding this week choose one of these amazing rides:

Saturday, November 3th:

Mineola Pedal for Paws – Mineola, TX

Come join us on a ride through the beautiful countryside of East Texas and help a great charity, APET SPCA, and enjoy a hearty post-ride (11:30 am – 2:00 pm). Post-ride Michelob Ultra provided by R&K Distributors.

Tour de Gruene – New Braunfels, TX

Tour de Gruene Fall Bicycle Classic hosts cycling tours and competitive time trials along beautiful River Road in New Braunfels, Texas. Surrounded by limestone cliffs and encircled by the Guadalupe River it’s hard to imagine a more scenic location than the Lazy L & L Campground valley property.

Bike to the Beach Houston – Houston to Galveston, TX

Bike to the Beach is more than just an event, its an experience. With us, you will form new lifetime friendships and make a difference while sweating a little and having lots of fun!

Tour de Fox Lone Star – Southlake, TX

By joining the Tour de Fox 2018 Series, you’re helping us close the gap on a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Riders of any experience level, event volunteers, and finish line party-goers are all welcome!

Dallas Bike Ride – Dallas, TX

Dallas Bike Ride is Dallas’ only car-free, recreational bike ride. The second annual ride will take place on Saturday, November 3. The bike ride is for all ages (3+) and all biking abilities. Choose from a 20-mile or 10-mile route that is completely closed to cars – just you and your bicycle.

Bike/Walk/Run for diabetes – Sinton, TX

CPL Mark Goyet Post 12160 & Auxiliary will be hosting a Bike/Walk/Run event November 3, 2018 @ 8:00 AM. We will start and end at the VFW 6625 HWY 77S Sinton, Texas. All proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association.


Sunday, November 4th:

Raul Alcala Challenge South Padre Island – South Padre Island, TX

This is the third annual Raul Alcala Challenge / Gran Fondo now in South Padre Island, TX onSunday November, 4th 2018,  hosted at Schlitterbahn Water Park, South Padre Island TX.

Sweatin’ Burnt Orange Bike Tour – Blanco, TX

The Sweatin’ Burnt Orange Bike Tour, now in its 14th year, is the annual fundraiser for The University of Texas at Austin Cycling Club.  Each year, Texas alumni and club supporters ride through the beautiful hill country around Blanco, Texas.


That’s it for this week! Have fun riding this weekend and if we’re missing some rides in our calendar feel free to tell us!

Weekend Ride Round-Up – 10/26 – 10/28

We have eight cool events happening this weekend, so if you’re up to riding this week choose one of these amazing rides:

Saturday, October 27th:

St. Jude North Texas Bicycle Rally – Trophy Club, TX

Join us for the St. Jude North Texas Bicycle Rally, benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Thisone-day biking experience will take participants through some scenic routes throughout Trophy Club, Westlake, Keller, far North Fort Worth and the Alliance Gateway area, with 20+ mile, 40+ mile and 50+ mile routes.

Officer David Ortiz Memorial Bike Ride – El Paso, TX

The parents and siblings of Officer David Ortiz, who was killed in the line of duty 3/14/16, are humbled to commemorate this event with great respect and pride. This bike ride is to honor and build the OFC David Ortiz foundation. Join us for a 15 or 50 mile bike ride to raise money to help rebuild the lives of both parents and siblings of fallen officers, through multiple means of support including scholarships, counseling, etc.

Pedal Away Alzheimer’s Bike Ride – Bellville, TX

Riders of all levels are invited to participate in the second annual Pedal Away Alzheimer’s bike ride presented by Ready2Roll Cycling.  This event will be on Saturday, October 27, 2018 and will start and end at the Austin County Fair and Convention grounds located in Bellville, TX.

Bike the ‘Burg – Fredericksburg ,TX

Bike the ‘Burg is a scenic bicycle rally taking place on October 27, 2018 in Fredericksburg, Texas. This incredible Texas Hill Country riding experience will feature several route options to accommodate all skill levels.

Dia De Los Muertos Ride – Harlingen, TX

“Dia De Los Muertos” Ride is taking place on October 27, 2018. This is our second year and we hope to make it bigger and better. All proceeds go to to support our  local graduating seniors who are involved within the Catholic community.

Houston Moonlight Ramble – Houston, TX

The BikeHouston Moonlight Ramble is Houston’s oldest charity bike ride. It draws more than 2,000 cyclists, many of whom join us each year and add the latest commemorative Ramble T-shirt to their collection. This fun night-time bike ride is suitable for most ages and abilities.

Trick It Up Bike Ride – Farmersville, TX

Ride for fun, ride for the challenge, or ride for the passion of pedaling in the 8th annual Trick-It-Up Bike Ride. Join 500+ riders and see the beautiful countryside around Farmersville, Texas in 2018.

Running on Faith 5K and Cruisin’ For Christ Road Race – Pittsburg, TX

Running on Faith 5K and Cruisin’ For Christ Road Race, presented by Crossroads Baptist Church. This event will include a 5K race and a road race that offers 3 routes distances through the beautiful, rural countryside of Northeast Texas. This event is a fundraiser for the youth of our church to attend church camp.


That’s it for this week! Have fun riding this weekend and if we’re missing some rides in our calendar feel free to tell us!

When Pure Class Cyclists Offer Texas Hospitality, The Impossible Continues to be Possible

Patricia McNeal’s arrival to Texas wasn’t smooth. She got lost in a “forest,” caught cold in the rain, and was left behind by a group meant to greet her. But little did she know, her luck was about to change.

Part 2 of 2 of a Wheelbrothers photo journal feature.

In Part 1, we met Patricia McNeal, the 57-year-old stroke survivor who had pedaled from Panama City, FL to San Antonio, TX with little more than faith and the friends she met along the way.

Patricia had not had the luxury of participating in group bike rides in her hometown of Panama City, FL. And after a separate mishap in another town, she was nervous about the group ride scheduled for her in San Antonio. However, the 14-mile ride with Black Girls Do Bike, San Antonio was one of her happiest days on the road to date. Patricia beamed as she recounted riding with each of its members, and especially with the little girl who stole Patricia’s heart and innocently asked if Patricia would make it to California the next day (from San Antonio). Patricia passionately wishes she could get bikes for every child she’s met on her journey.

As mentioned in Part 1, and as Patricia’s story gained attention, we as the North Texas cycling community realized that Patricia’s resources were less-than-desirable for a cross-country journey. In Fort Worth, Dieter Scholtyssek of Wheelbrothers had been inspired by cycling’s amazing Kathryn Bertine to help Patricia, and began to share his thoughts with me. I, in turn, put out the call and heard from Sheryl at Iron Riders Dallas, Garrick at Dallas Off Road Bike Association, Bicycles Inc., and Coz and Larry at Team Tornado Alley. Together these groups collected winter gear, wool socks, leg and arm warmers, t-shirts, bike snacks, and more to send to Patricia—From D/FW with Love!

Meanwhile in San Antonio, the amazing women of Black Girls Do Bike, San Antonio began to ask questions and create a plan to put Patricia back on the road in far better condition than when they received her. She needed winter gear, better navigation tools, better fuel on the bike, a tune-up, and an actual plan to make the rest of her trip go smoothly. The gracious and amazing Karen, Tina and Monica provided food and housing, took Patricia shopping, introduced her to the map app “Lane Spotter,” and carefully and painstakingly plotted her route from San Antonio to California in 20-40 mile increments, so that Patricia can strategize the day based on weather and health and housing options available to her. Additionally, Howard at Action Bikes in Universal City, performed the much-needed tune-up on Patricia’s bike free of charge.

Almost serendipitously, the rains settled in to San Antonio this week, simultaneous with a little cold Patricia’s been fighting. It was as if nature (and all of the rest of us) were asking her to rest and wait for the next sunny day to continue this trek to the west. She has obliged.

My Monday off from Bicycles, Inc. synced up perfectly to deliver the D/FW winter gear gifts straight to Patricia’s host home door. I had the luxury of visiting Karen’s home, chatting with Patricia on a rest day, watch her open her gifts and then share a meal together as new cycling extended family.

In our conversations, I shared with Patricia that, in many ways, making it to San Antonio was already a giant WIN in my book. She could make any number of intelligent decisions  about her journey from this point forward and be celebrated for the attention she’s brought to stroke awareness, for bringing people together from all walks of life and introducing them to our beloved sport, for exuding sheer will and thick skin in adverse conditions (including seemingly endless Texas Hill Country), and for her passion and resilience for continuing on.

Patricia McNeal, aka Grandma Lola, has made it half way across the country, and Black Girls Do Bike and Action Bikes of San Antonio have drastically changed the outlook for the second half of her trip for the better. Would you like to be a part of the story? Can you help, too? Do you live along or near I-90 from San Antonio west?

Then contact Patricia on her Facebook page:

Or send direct donations to Patricia McNeal, PO Box 1733, Lynn Haven, FL, 32444.

Photos used with permission from Patricia McNeal’s FB page.

Lisa Tilley is a contributing writer for WheelBrothers, is a member of Fort Worth based MBBC, and is in sales at Bicycles Inc.

When Sheer Will Defies All Odds

A Florida grandmother pedals west to Cali with little more than faith and the friends she meets along the way

Part 1 of 2 of a Wheelbrothers photo journal feature…stay tuned!


Meet Patricia McNeal.

Her mother, father, and sister each died of a stroke. But she is a stroke survivor.

While there are not many black men and women riding in her hometown of Panama City, FL, she is riding about 50 miles a day for errands, exercise and recreation.

The longest distance this 57-year-old, mother-of-three has pedaled in one trip is 101 miles, but when she finishes her goal, she will have completed over 2,200 miles from Panama City to Burbank, California.

Patricia McNeal, also known as “Lola” or “Grandma Lola,” left Panama City, FL at the end of September. With only a backpack and a cell phone, her Trek Emonda, the support of her husband and a social media invitation for donations, she has now pedaled her way to San Antonio, TX. The local newspaper, The News Herald, featured Patricia as she set out on her journey.

From the News Herald:

McNeal said she doesn’t “think” she can accomplish her goal, she “knows” she can do it, and so does her husband, Tommie McNeal.

“I’m quite sure she can make it,” he said. “I’m excited she’s attempting it. She had a stroke about five years ago, and she wanted to prove to people regardless of your physical situation, you can overcome your disabilities.”

In fact, it was Tommie McNeal who got his wife into cycling. He’s been cycling since the 1980s.

Initially, Patricia used Siri for directions for her long journey across country, but after a mishap or two, she has chosen more reliable mapping options. Additionally, Patricia carries with her only what can fit in a backpack. Her nutrition is peanut butter and raw foods. She does not have a SAG vehicle. She does not yet have gear for inclement weather. She admits that she is just learning.

As usual, there are doubters—many well-meaning, and some very vocal. What is Patricia’s response? “This is my adventure and I am loving it.”  This is consistently her attitude and response on the road. Patricia provides public posts on her Facebook page that are real and endearing. There is laughter and tears. She also makes up songs as she goes and shares them on Facebook live videos. There was one about the hills in Texas being the same in every town, “Heyyy, Hooo, Heyyy, Hooo” and then also, “Don’t you wish your Grandma could ride a bicycle like me? Don’t cha?” On her hardest days, she thinks of her mother, father and sister. She thinks of the devastation in her home state. She knows she must pedal on.

And, in chatting with her, she sincerely has no idea how many lives she is affecting, but when you read and watch Patricia’s posts on her Facebook page and see the interactions with countless people whose hearts are touched simply by meeting her, you know they are in the midst of someone special.

Patricia has met some of her biggest challenges in Texas. This is where WE come in, Texas cyclists! She’s endured Texas hills and drought-ending rain. She needs gear in the form of a rain jacket, padded pants, a portable phone charger, and winter gloves. Let’s show her some good old-fashioned Texas Love!

Can you help with a roof for the night, equipment along the way or just interested in riding next to her?

Then contact her on her Facebook page:

Or send direct donations to Patricia McNeal, PO Box 1733, Lynn Haven, FL, 32444.

Photos by Patricia McNeal.

Lisa Tilley is a contributing writer for WheelBrothers, is a member of Fort Worth based MBBC, and is in sales at Bicycles Inc.

Weekend Ride Round-Up – 10/19 – 10/21

We have eleven cool events happening this weekend, so if you’re up to riding this week choose one of these amazing rides:

Saturday, October 20th:

Missions Tour de Goliad – Goliad, TX

The Missions Tour de Goliad offers the unique charm and challenges of the South Texas countryside. Whether you choose the 10, 30, 50, or 65 mile/Metric Century tours, you will pedal through a rich countryside filled with stately centuries-old live oak trees and gently rolling hills.

Dripping Springs Distillery Bike Ride – Dripping Springs, TX

Join Dripping Springs Distilling for our 3rd annual charity bike ride and BBQ. If you’d like to participate in our beautiful ride, which winds along the river and through the incredibly scenic Texas Hill Country, we are offering 2 distances: 25 or 50 miles.

Kiwanis Sealy Fall Classic – Sealy, TX

The 9th annual Kiwanis Sealy Fall Classic (The pedal for pie) will raise money for The Eliminate Project. This project is a joint effort of Kiwanis and UNICEF, and aims to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus around the globe.

Tour de Groves/SETX – Groves, TX

The Tour de Groves bike ride is directed and organized by Coastal Caregivers, Inc. on behalf of Coasting Forward. Coasting Forward is a 501c3 non-profit based on helping organizations in providing assistance to senior citizens in our communities.

Mineral Wells Crazy Kicker 100 Bike Ride – Mineral Wells, TX

Let this ride be the highlight of the fall. It would be difficult to find a more beautiful ride. Route distances: 22, 37, 50, 65 and 100 miles.

DFW Tour de Cure – Parker, TX

The Tour de Cure is an event where no matter what road you take, you will be joining thousands of people from around the country who have the same passion as you to fight diabetes and its burdens. Route distances: 9.5, 24, 37 and 62 cycling routes and 5K walk or run.

Marfa 100 – Marfa, TX

The MARFA100 is a charitable 100k bike race, out and back, on scenic ranch road FM 2810 held in Marfa, Texas.  An empty road with the Chinati Mountains on the horizon, rolling grasslands, cool dry breezes, and darting roadrunners are just a sample of what makes this event truly exceptional.


Saturday, October 20th – Sunday, October 21st:

Bike Around the Bay – Baytown, TX

Join us for the twelfth annual Bike Around the Bay, a two-day 170-mile fully supported ride around Galveston Bay. This unique cycling event takes riders in a complete loop around the largest estuary in Texas (and one of the biggest in North America)!

24 Hours of Rocky Hill – Smithville, TX

A 24-hour mountain bike race that can be done solo or on a team of up to 10 people. This is a 10(+-) mile course. Teams try to log as many laps as possible, with only 1 member riding at a time. The team or solo rider with the most laps in the 24 hour time period wins.


Sunday, October 21st:

LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin – Austin, TX

Join us for the 2018 LIVESTRONG Challenge to help benefit the revolutionary LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin! Route distances: 20, 45, 65 and 100 miles.

Texas Overland Wheel Race – Galveston, TX

The Texas Overland Wheel Race is a self-supported long distance cycling race for all types of human powered vehicles – HPV’s.


That’s it for this week! Have fun riding this weekend and if we’re missing some rides in our calendar feel free to tell us!

Weekend Ride Round-Up – 10/12 – 10/14

Get ready to ride this weekend, as we bring you no less than eleven amazing cycling events worthy of your attention!

Saturday, October 13th:

No Country for Old Men – Alpine, TX

Rugged and remote are two words that unequivocally describe N C O M . NCOM is a 1000 mile, 383 mile and 208 mile ultra bicycle race held in the vast region of West Texas. It is secluded and absent of the modern world’s commercialization.

Red Bull Last Stand – San Antonio, TX

Hundreds of the world’s best cyclists will return to San Antonio for a race around the iconic Alamo Plaza for the third year of Red Bull Last Stand on Saturday, October 13. The criterium style race, with both fixed and geared divisions for men and women, brings out the best cyclists in the world for a challenging race filled with blazing speeds and tight turns around one of America’s most famous landmarks.

Outlaw Trail Cycling Tour – Round Rock, TX

Saddle up Pardner for the 32nd Annual Outlaw Trail Cycling Tour scheduled for Saturday, October 13th starting 8am in Old Settlers Park. 10 mile, 25 mile, 40 mile, 50 mile and 63 mile loop courses will meander through historic eastern Williamson County.

Hungry 100K Bike Rally – Burleson, TX

Join us for a road bike rally over the best roads in North Texas. Riders will start in old town Burleson and head out to the rolling terrain in rural Johnson County. 100% of the proceeds will go to local charities to improve the lives of those less fortunate through Harvest House. It is a Great ride for a great Cause!

The Heroes Ride – Conroe, TX

This is a road bike ride (25, 50 & 75 mile routes) that honors our fallen 1st responders. There will be a 1st Responder race where 1st Responders will race the 25 mile route in uniform on their patrol bikes.

Tour de Honey Part Deux – Beeville, TX

Tour de Honey Part Deux” will take cyclists through the beautiful country side of Beeville Texas and Bee County. We are having this 2nd ride this year to allow us to move Tour de Honey from May to October. The routes are different from our Tour de Honey ride that was held on May 26th 2018. Route distances: 25 and 40 miles.

Tour de Fireant – Marshall, TX

5K begins at 8 a.m. Ride begins at 9:00 a.m. For the bike ride we offer 10, 30, 45 mile and 100K routes. A Trek bike will be given away. Free pizza & beer for all runners and riders after the bike ride!

Cherry Pie Hill – Outlaw Challenge – Palo Pinto, TX

Cherry Pie Hill is a 1.3 mile, 5.5% grade hill near Palo Pinto, Texas. This fun and unique challenge will pit you and your bike against the person of your choice in a 1.3 mile mono-y-mono race to the top of Cherry Pie Hill. This is an “Outlaw” (anything goes) challenge between you and whoever you decide to challenge.

All American Bicycle Rally – Springtown, TX

Join us for our 9th Annual All American Bike Rally (Saturday October 13th, 2018) through North East Parker County benefitting the Springtown Area Chamber of Commerce. We have routes ranging from 6 to 74 miles (6, 28, 54, 74) traveling as far west as Garner, Texas.


Saturday, October 13th – Sunday, October 14th:

Spirit of Survival – Lawton, OK

Bike rides will take place on October 13th, all other races on October 14th, 2018! Route distances: 26, 52, 62 miles and a 13 mile family fun bike tour.

Sunday, October 14th:

Ride For Rotary-Queen Isabella Causeway Cross – Brownsville, TX

The Rotary Club of Historic Brownsville will host it’s Annual Ride for Rotary-Queen Isabella Causeway Cross Benefit Ride on October 14, 2018. The ride will end at Louies’s Backyard. The ride draws participation from cyclists of all levels and ages.


We at the WheelBrothers hope you have an amazing weekend, and if you know of any rides we are missing, feel free to tell us!