Weekend Ride Round-Up – 08/17 – 08/19

Get ready to ride this weekend, as we bring you two amazing cycling events worthy of your attention!

Saturday, August 18th:

The Humane Bike Ride and Wine Tasting – Sour Lake, TX

Choose one of three routes – 18, 31, or 40 miles. Enjoy the ride and return to the winery for lunch and a wine tasting.


Sunday, August 19th:

RUSA 20th Anniversary – Harlingen, TX

This year marks RUSA’s 20th Anniversary. RUSA members who complete the ride can order a patch and we will have up to 100 commemorative “special edition” medals for all riders who finish. Route distance: 109K – 68.2 Miles.


That’s it for this week! Have fun riding this weekend and if we’re missing some rides in our calendar feel free to tell us!

The Way Cyclists Rally Can Truly Change The World

I didn’t start road cycling until I was in my early 40s, and one of the first things that struck me was the passion, openness, friendliness and kindness I witnessed and experienced at my first road rally in 2012—The Weatherford, TX Peach Pedal. I met random strangers at the start line that are still friends to this day. I watched two women stop their ride to save kittens dumped on the side of the road. I was asked, by several riders, whether I was okay when I stopped on the side of the road to make some adjustments. It was inspiring to know I could participate in an event that seemed so daunting at the time, and feel so supported by the people around me simply because we all love the sport.



Weatherford Peach Pedal kitten photos by Steve Reisman.

I asked friends to share with me what sorts of kindnesses the have seen or experienced on the road, and I was treated with a lot of great stories. Here are a few of them!

“I know some of my Pandemonium (OK) members were on a ride last year and rescued some puppies from a drainage ditch.”     -Susan D.

“The man died a few years ago, but every Wednesday on our WNR, [this man] would stand in his front yard (his house is after a hard climb) and spray his garden hose for the riders to cool off under as they passed. Everyone looked forward to seeing him and we appreciated his show of support for cyclists in a town not known for being the friendliest toward cyclists.”      -Susan D.

“I volunteer for an organization called Bike Works. In the last three years we have been able to collect, assemble and give away over 2,300 bikes to children in foster care in Tarrant County at Christmas time. There’s something about getting your first bike that is remarkable and I hope that through this we can instill a passion for cycling in future generations.”     -Jaime L.

“Karyn, Diana and David stayed with me in the ER all day when I had my bike crash in January and they moved my car from Arlington to my house in Benbrook. My mom and daughter drove from out of town to see me through surgery and Anna drove all the way from The Colony to take me to get my stitches out. And many others friends and family have helped me and encouraged me through my recovery, including you, Lisa!”     -Marianne D.



“In 2011 we had an English cyclist broken down and sleeping in West City Park in Mineral Wells. The park workers notified me and Iris to see if we could help. Butch and Iris let him stay at their house for a couple days while we fixed his bike. I drove him to Post, Texas and he resumed his cross-country ride. He was only 20 years old. A couple years ago he circled Australia on his bike. He is starting his own mobile bike repair business in England just recently.”    -Neil R.


“In December 2017, a bunch of Fort Worth area cyclists, clubs and Bicycles Inc. supported two projects raising funds to provides homes for the homeless at DRC and to provide two bikes—an adult trike for use in the community garden and a bike for the youngest, previously homeless resident, currently earning straight As in school. It was awesome how everyone came together!”     Lisa T.

Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” It starts with us. We are already great at taking care of each other. Let’s continue the momentum by turning it outward, to the pedestrians we pass, to the other vehicles on the road, and to our neighbors, friends and family.

Do you have a story of kindness to share? We’d like to hear it! Please comment on our Facebook page.

Lisa Tilley is a contributing writer for Wheelbrothers, is a member of Fort Worth based MBBC, and is in sales at Bicycles Inc.

Weekend Ride Round-Up – 08/10 – 08/12

Do you have plans for this weekend? If not, why don’t you check out these awesome rides, maybe you’ll find something you like! Check out these six amazing events:

Saturday, August 11th:

Raquel’s Wings – The Eighter from Decatur Bicycle Rally – Decatur, TX

The Eighter from Decatur Bicycle Rally 7 miles 25 miles 53 miles or 106 miles race! If you’re a serious cyclist you’re welcome to ride it twice!

Cove House Classic Bike Tour – Copperas Cove, TX

Come be a part of this exciting event that just keeps getting better and better! Come join hundreds of other riders as they take on the beautiful rolling hills of Central Texas. Route distances: 26, 42, 50 and 63 miles.

Stonewall Century Bicycle Ride – La Veta, CO

The Stonewall Century is a challenging road bike ride along one of Colorado’s most beautiful scenic highways. We welcome you to come and enjoy some of the best road riding in Southern Colorado.

Hot Rocks Bike Ride – Rockwall, TX

The 32nd annual Hot Rocks Bike Ride will take place on Saturday, August 11, 2018. The 56 mile course starts at 7:30am, with 42, 24, and 12 mile courses all starting at 8:10.

Midnight Massacre – Valley View, TX

Vallley View, TX again welcomes us with open arms! The original night time gravel grinder starts and ends in the historic town square. Each entry includes a token for redemption with one of our great partners for food or drink. Route distances: 50K and 100K.

Kiwanis Red River Bicycle Rally – Denison, TX

Scenic Lake Texoma, rolling hills, open roads, a rural backdrop, and Southern hospitality … you’ll find it all at the 13th Annual Red River Bike Rally!


We at the WheelBrothers hope you have an amazing weekend, and if you know of any rides we are missing, feel free to tell us!

Weekend Ride Round-Up – 08/03 – 08/05

We have two cool events happening this weekend, so if you’re up to riding this week choose one of these amazing rides:

Saturday, August 4th:

Blazin’ Saddle 75 – Granbury, TX

Come sweat with us in Granbury Texas on Saturday August 4th 2018 for the 10th Annual Blazin’ Saddle 75. The routes are hilly and the hot weather presents a wonderful training opportunity for the Hotter than Hell 100.

Tour de I hope I Make It – Borger, TX

The American legion Post 671 located in Borger Texas is having a 13 Miles, 33 Mile, 52 Mile along with a 92 Miles Charity rides, 52 mile and 92 mile Non Sanction race as well as a 5 K run on August 4th, 2018 to support the community programs the American Legion are involved.


That’s it for this week! Have fun riding this weekend and if we’re missing some rides in our calendar feel free to tell us!

When Motivation Lags… Thoughts on How to Mix It Up and Get Rolling

I recently asked cyclist-friends what motivated them to pedal, and received a far wider variety of answers than I expected. Beside the ornery, tongue-in-cheek answers such as, “work” and “my ex”, other responses were helpful enough to share. The first couple are points we’re all aware of, but in case you’ve forgotten, let’s review.

nothing compares


Just Do You

Tranquility. Therapy. Freedom. Escape. Losing yourself. Finding yourself.

Friends shared how a bike ride gives them the opportunity to shed every label (mom/employee/chauffer/CEO/whatever) and just be themselves. They could sort out their thoughts on the road, or simply shut them out for the duration of the route. They spoke of the freedom of putting their focus wherever they needed it in every moments, like having control of the remote. And they completed their rides relaxed and ready for the day.

Have you taken a ride like that? Have you taken one lately? The kind where you are in no rush and you actually feel the sunshine, notice the fragrant honeysuckle, see the cardinals and other wildlife, and even wave to the smiling family fishing by the lake?

A year from now you will wish you had started today

Or how about a nice, long ride that requires work and exertion, miles of beautiful vistas and drops and climbs ahead, but it is strictly just for you, to clear your heart, mind and spirit?

If you don’t have a lot of time, perhaps there is a park, trail, or coffee or ice cream shop destination near work or home that allows you 15-20 minutes of pedaling away from workday stress and honey-do lists at home. If you’ve forgotten how great these rides feel, try adding one of these options back into your weekly schedule. Opportunities like this are available to you every single day.



Obsession: Health Benefits / That Next Race / Beating Yesterday’s Time

Other cyclists stated they are conciously working to fight or avoid obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, or training valiantly for their next triathlon (or both!). They consistently wish they started sooner, worked harder, or were more committed during the most challenged times. The intention to avoid the pitfalls of the convenience of modern times (eating fast food on the couch in front of the TV) is a real battle. The focus on fitness, setting goals, and measuring progress requires TIME and WORK—namely planning, organization and discipline.

These cyclists found that if they simply dabble with ideas, they have nothing to measure, and ultimately get nothing in return. They have to dig in, to the point of obsession, to see real progress. But it has to be organized and balanced with everything else in their life to work. The “obsession,” their commitment, changes everything…but in the best possible ways when they stick to it.

Naturally, these same cyclists like to see proof of their hard work and love to beat their own records in speed and strength. Have you had a check-up lately? Have you set measurable goals for yourself? Have your transformed yourself from the person you were yesterday, last week, last year? In the journey to create your bike life, what might be the “spark” that helps you become obsessed with the best version of you?


The Friendship Factor: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Friendship, support, and the love of all things tasty were additional motivators identified by my cyclist-friends…Eat to ride and ride to eat! There are Donut Rides, Pie Rides, Beer Rides and Wine Rides—and that’s just the beginning! The conversation, camaraderie and connection that occur over the course of pedaling these roads together—and the prize of sharing meals together—lead to memories that last a lifetime. Becoming a foodie is just a perk along the way!

Knowing a friend is waiting to pedal with you, whether you are the support, or being supported, also really persuaded many cyclists to get out there and pedal. Do you ride to eat or eat to ride? Do you ride for a prize treat? (Mexican food for me!) Have you found your bike friends or family? Is it time to branch out and mingle with a few more groups?

every new day

Refresh Your Ride, Fit or Look

Was your bike a hand-me-down or purchased from a bike shop specifically for you? Could it be time for a new ride? If not, perhaps it is time for a new fit. If you’ve never been fitted to your bike, it can make all the difference in the world. Just like a new pair of nice tennis shoes or workout clothes motivates you to go to the gym, a nice new kit or pair of shoes can motivate you for the road.


Remember Who Is Watching

Whether it be your offspring, a friend who has considered pedaling, someone dealing with health issues, or someone who simply doesn’t have the confidence to get out there and pedal, somebody is watching. They are curious about what you can do on the bike and what is possible for themselves. Even if you are just beginning, there will be someone keeping tabs on your progress, whether you know it or not. In all your effort to find motivation, do not forget that you, yourself are a source of motivation for others. Dive in! Bring as many new cyclists with you as you can! Blog your journey and post your STRAVA rides. Celebrate yours and others’ accomplishments. It’s the best kind of motivation of all!

Destiny is in your hands


What motivational ideas did I miss? Email them to tilleylisa@rocketmail.com and I will address them in a future article!

Lisa Tilley is a contributing writer for Wheelbrothers, is a member of Fort Worth based MBBC, and is in sales at Bicycles Inc.



Weekend Ride Round-Up – 07/27 – 07/29

Get ready to ride this weekend, as we bring you three amazing cycling events you should definitely check out!

Saturday, July 28th:

The Goatneck Bike Ride – Cleburne, TX

The Goatneck is a scenic, well supported ride just south of DFW. This ride offers beautiful scenery fom Cleburne, down to the Brazos river then onto Glen Rose and then back to Cleburne.

The Dehydrator – Duncan, OK

Rolling through the low hills of southwest Oklahoma, the Dehydrator is a fun ride with distances ranging from 10-80 miles. Participants will cover rolling hills, plains and areas of Stephens County, including a stretch across the Waurika Lake Dam.


Saturday, July 28th – Sunday, July 29th:

Tour de Gap – Buffalo Gap, TX

The 36th Annual Tour de Gap is a great ride for a great cause! All proceeds from this event benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters Abilene. Ride through the rolling hills around Buffalo Gap, TX, relax at the pavilion under the cool shade of the oak trees and enjoy the food trucks and raffles.


Enjoy your weekend riding, and stay safe and hydrated in the hottest hours of the day!

Beginning Women Cyclists Most-Asked Questions

Beginning any new venture or sport requires thought and planning, and when you’re new to the ropes, even the idea itself can be a bit daunting. In this article we address some of the most-asked questions by women preparing to ride.

1. Where do I even begin? I have not been on a bike in decades!

We hear this almost daily in the bike shop. You are not alone! Start easy.

After your bike has been dusted off and checked over by your local bike shop mechanic, go to a park with paved trails and little traffic or an empty school parking lot on the weekend to get a good feel for your bike. Continue to ride there regularly until you can:

  • get on and off the bike with ease
  • ride at varying speeds with good control (even slow speeds require strength and coordination), and
  • brake and turn confidently.

When you can do these things, you are ready to join a Beginners Group Ride. Check your local bike shop for options and/or ask your cycling friends. They’ll be glad to help!

2. I don’t have any of the gear. Does this mean I can’t ride?

The three most important items after a safely checked over bike are a helmet, a water bottle, and a great attitude. The rest will come.


Remember: your beautiful, amazing brain contains all that is “you” and cannot be replaced. Most seasoned riders have seen what a helmet can do to save a friend’s skull and, therefore, a life. Most group ride organizers even require that you wear a helmet to participate, so get a helmet asap. They are plenty that are reasonably priced, and some even more comfortable or stylish options that go up from there. YOU, however, are priceless.

Water Bottles

Hydration is key, because you are literally made up of water. You need water and electrolytes for everything to work right, especially when you’re exerting yourself. It’s summer now, and you will inevitably sweat profusely. As with any endeavor related to fitness, hydrating and nutritious meals can totally transform your ride. Google it. There are infinite articles on the subject. My cycling club leader even says, “Hydrate or die!” in his ride posts. And he’s not wrong. A second option is a CamelBak, which is a backpack you can fill with water and ice and sip from a straw that hangs conveniently over your shoulder. You can get one of these at your local bike shop.

On a side note regarding nutrition, if you are cycling for weight loss, you still have to fuel your ride. This can be challenging if you’re trying to shed pounds. But Coach Steen Rose at Training Peaks had the best advice for me on this. He suggested Generation UCAN—a protein/superstarch drink that powers my ride, provides NO sugar crash, and also allowed me to lose weight. Read up on it and how it came to be—quite intriguing! It changed my game. My ride is so much happier and more productive, and I don’t even mind my picture taken in my kit. Ladies, you know that’s something.


A great attitude is key to your success. ALL of us started from the beginning at some point. ALL of us were the slowest once, or had crummy coordination, or got tired before everybody else. Remember this part of your journey when YOU are encouraging the next new rider. All of us had what we thought were silly questions, too. Ask away, we’re happy to help, and we will smile knowingly because we still remember what it felt like! Being unhappy with yourself only sets you back and wastes your time. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Just remind yourself of why you started. Look for the next simple step forward and own it. And every once in a while, look back and celebrate how far you’ve come!

What’s next?

The next major priorities in gear—especially as you add miles—are a seat bag (containing a tube and equipment to change a flat) and padded shorts for your tender rear. Yes, you’ll need them.

Here is the Essentials List from my bike shop, which is especially handy for new riders. Collect as able!

3. I am trying to ride, but it really hurts “down there”. What can I do?

There are a series of questions and considerations to address when solving this issue. Have you ever been “fit” to your bike? This is crucial. The seat height and spacing (forward and back, nose up, nose down) all matter—and also vary according to the style of your ride (road, hybrid, comfort, mountain). Your pain may be fixed with a proper fit at your local bike shop, or the fit may reveal that you indeed need a new saddle (proper word for bike seat).

If you did have a recent fit on a fairly new bike, ask yourself, are you riding consistently (at least two to three times a week and at least 30 minutes at a time) for at least four weeks? Your body needs time to acclimate if you haven’t hit those benchmarks. The seats on your new bike, purchased from an actual bike shop, are generally backed by science—especially in women-specific frames—but as we know, our bodies are not created with cookie-cutter measurements and you might personally need something different. So, you guessed it. Your bike shop sales person can help you find the right saddle if that really is the issue. Finally, once everything seems to be in place, the bike is fit, the saddle is proper, the shorts are comfy, but the ride is long and you are getting chaffing (an abrasion where the fabric rubs your skin raw), you might just need chamois cream! This is now available in pH balance varieties for men and women at…your local bike shop!

4. What if I get a flat? I’ll be stranded!

When you are first getting out to a park or school lot, you’re riding near enough to your car that you can simply walk back, load the bike and head to the bike shop for repair at your convenience. On a group ride however, that gear (referring to the seat/saddle bag with everything for fixing a flat) is key and necessary. Even if you don’t know how to fix a flat, a kind soul in your group will help. Your responsibility is to have your own tube and tools so others do not have to provide them for you. Finally, it should be on your list to learn how to fix a flat. Many women, including myself, put it off for far too long. But it’s not that hard. Have someone teach you, then go teach others. Imagine that!

5. I am afraid to ride on the road. I don’t know the rules. How do they do it?

There are a variety of clubs and places to ride solo or in a social setting. As you visit various clubs and participate in group events, you will find what fits you best and that group will quickly become Your People. Lots of bike shops host Beginners Rides or “No-Drop” Rides (meaning no-one is left behind), and you can find those details on their websites, like with area cycling clubs. Some groups ride strictly on paved trails while others ride on roads or a mix of both. The organizers will share information with you on how the ride works, they will pedal with you, and they’ll explain how they call out road hazards and next turns, etc. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we have supportive clubs all over the metroplex, many of which are listed on the Wheelbrothers website. Visit more than one. Ask lots of questions. Pedal with them. Know that no club can be perfect and they must work to meet a variety of needs within the group. Speak up when you have a question or need help understanding protocol. Find your club and ride!

What questions did I miss? Email them to tilleylisa@rocketmail.com and I will address them in a future article!

Lisa Tilley is a contributing writer for Wheelbrothers, is a member of Fort Worth based MBBC, and is in sales at Bicycles Inc.

Weekend Ride Round-Up – 07/20 – 07/22

Do you have plans for this weekend? If not, why don’t you check out these awesome rides, maybe you’ll find something you like! Check out these five amazing events:

Saturday, July 21st:

Tour de Paris – Paris, TX

This event is a part of a four rally challenge – European Tour of Texas Challenge. 34th Annual Tour de Paris offers route distances of: 14 and 25-mile trail ride, 20, 35, 57, 68 and 80 miles.


Saturday, July 21st – Sunday, July 22nd:

Bike MS: Cactus n’ Crude Ride – Midland to Lubbock, TX

Prepare for a 150-mile journey and tour the scenic countryside of West Texas. Day one begins in the crude capital of Texas, Midland, and day two continues north toward Lubbock on those red dirt-lined highways of West Texas.


Sunday, July 22nd:

Hell of the North Texas – Paris, TX

Already a Classic in its own right, the HOTNT now enhances the pedigree with some of the most unique gravel and dirt routes available anywhere. Route distances: 30 miles, 100K, and 100+ miles.

Katy Flatland Century – Katy, TX

The 31st annual Katy Flatland Century will start from Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas. This fully supported ride will offer 5 different routes – 32 miles, 38 miles, 55 miles, 62 miles (metric century), and of course the 100 Mile Century.


Sunday, July 22nd – Saturday, July 28th:


RAGBRAI, The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, is an annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state. Heading into its 46th year, RAGBRAI is the oldest, largest and longest recreational bicycle touring event in the world.


That’s it for this week! Have fun riding this weekend and if we’re missing some rides in our calendar feel free to let us know!