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Beat the Heat

By – Geoff Godsey, Former UCI Continental Professional & 3-Time TX State Criterium Champion Lead Volunteer, Emmitt Smith Gran fondo     According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 318 Americans die every year of heat related illnesses. Most, if not all, of these deaths could be avoided if people better understood the […]

Beginning Women Cyclists Most-Asked Questions

Beginning any new venture or sport requires thought and planning, and when you’re new to the ropes, even the idea itself can be a bit daunting. In this article we address some of the most-asked questions by women preparing to ride. 1. Where do I even begin? I have not been on a bike in decades! […]

What Your Bicycle Mechanic Wishes You Knew

“Hi, I need a new tube.” “We’d be glad to help you. What size tube do you need?” “I don’t know. A regular one.” Hint: There are no “regular” parts when it comes to bikes! Believe it or not, knowing the simple details of your bike will help you and your bicycle mechanic understand each […]

Introducing the WheelBrothers Premium Tee for Women and Men!

We’re super stoked to announce the premium WheelBrothers tee! Our new WheelBrothers t-shirt line is available on TeeSpring! And when we say premium quality, we mean business. They’re super well constructed, feature cycle and Texas themed prints, and they fit amazingly well. What else makes these tees so gosh darn awesome? Valid question. The Next […]

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Cyclists

GoPro Hero 5 Admit it  – whether you’re a professional movie editor, a YouTuber, or just an amateur with a camera, it’s fun to record any kind of adventure. The Hero 5 is GoPro’s best yet. Still pictures and videos look crystal clear, and its easier than ever to use. Now, get out there and […]

Tips for female cyclists: The Nature Break

As a female cyclist enjoying long rides and races I am often asked how women solve the nature break problem. Unless we are wearing tri-shorts, a nature break involves usually an entire striptease action. Before we deep-dive how to deal with the female nature break let’s get the basics covered: Toilet paper is usually not […]

The tale of a cyclist – Part 1

March 2016 – Cycling and Safety – We All Share a Responsibility   Richard Cavin, is a technology professional who lives and works in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) of South Texas and is also an avid cyclist. He started cycling at the age of 57 and has ridden his bicycles over 35,000 miles in […]