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Mexico to Canada 2017 Bike Ride Report

By Dr. Coleman Patterson Director of Leadership Studies, Professor of Management and Leadership Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, Texas After three previous rides across Texas and one from Mexico to Canada, a new crop of students in the Leadership Studies Program at Hardin-Simmons University decided to tackle another long-distance ride this year from Mexico to Canada.  Training […]

WheelBrothers Europe Report

In October 2013, WheelBrothers posted on their Facebook page they were looking for someone to discuss the differences in riding between Europe and Texas.  I immediately shot them a note back from San Antonio that I would be willing to discuss European cycling as I had lived in Europe for numerous years and was soon […]

Ride Report: The Old Stone Fort Ride

By Steven Amen It’s not everyday that there’s a charity ride within riding distance of where I live, in Nacogdoches. Usually the closest ones are Freeze Your Fanny in Longview or The Purgatory in Lufkin, both are still a 30ish minute drive away, but I was fortunate to have the Nacogdoches’ Rotary Club hold this one […]

Bike Ride Across Texas 3: Surfside Beach to Texline

“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”  That’s something I heard my mother say more than once when I was a child and unable to eat everything on my plate.  Our third long-distance bike ride with Leadership Studies Program students at Hardin-Simmons University proved to be bigger than realized by a number of would-be participants. […]

The tale of a cyclist – Part 4

March 2016 – Cycling and Warmshowers – Really, what is that? Figure 1 – One of my favorite bridges – Rio Hondo, TX Fourth Article in a Series I hope to publish: Touring Cyclists and Warmshowers: By Richard Cavin A few years ago as I became more and more interested in cycling and touring I […]


By Coleman Patterson, Ph.D. It was meant to be a one-time experience.  However, the first Bike Ride Across Texas from El Paso to Texarkana proved to be an even more intense, real, and valuable learning laboratory than initially hoped for.  The sense of accomplishment that came from successfully reaching each day’s destination and the final […]

The tale of a cyclist – Part 3

March 2016 – Cycling and Randonneuring- What is That? Figure 1 – Local cyclists enjoying a stop on a 200K ride Third Article in a Series I Hope to Publish: Randonneuring… By Richard Cavin So first a little background. So what is RUSA and what is a Rando? What is RUSA? Randonneurs USA (RUSA) is […]

The tale of a cyclist – Part 2

March 2016 – Jalapeno 100 and how it became Cycling in Iowa – RAGBRAI 2015     Richard Cavin, is a technology professional who lives and works in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) of South Texas and is also an avid cyclist. He started cycling at the age of 57 and has ridden his bicycles […]

Official Statement from Northwest Cycling Club

Official Northwest Cycling Club comment on the Bluebonnet Express: Waller County residents have been understandably frustrated due to the large number of organized rides, training rides, and individual cyclists that are training for the MS150 in their area. The unfortunate situation on Sunday at the Bluebonnet Express was the culmination of that frustration. Northwest Cycling […]